What is a distillery consultant?

Harvard Business School defines a consultant as someone who advises on "how to modify, proceed in, or streamline a given process within a specialized field”. That sums up exactly what we do here at Kindred Spirits. Our team consists of a group of distillers, engineers, and others that have experience in the fields of distilleries, mechanical system and building design, and much more. Having a consultant who is also an engineer streamlines the design process and allows for quick integration of drawings to be submitted to your local building committees.

Why should I hire a distillery consultant?

Starting a distillery is a new adventure for many. People that have experience in the world of business know the benefits of hiring on someone with experience in their field. Our consulting group allows you to hire on that experience to whatever extent is required by you and your company.

When should I reach out to have you consult with me on my distillery?

There is no “wrong” time to reach out for advisement. By bringing in a consultant early in the planning phase of your project, however, you can save yourself from spending unnecessary time, money, and resources on incorrect equipment, an inefficient layout, or an unreasonable timetable for your business.

Do you offer any forms of distilling training?

Yes we do. We are available to give customized hands on training to both you and your staff on your own equipment at your distillery. We also are available for general or specialized online training on any subject you are interested in via Zoom.

If I hire you, will I still need to hire an engineer/architect?

Due to the fact that maintaining a professional engineer’s or architect’s license in a specific state has its own requirements and costs, we do not require our consultants to maintain current licenses in every state. The location of your business and your local and state government dictate the laws and requirements for your distillery. It is for this reason that we recommend using a local architect/engineer to review and sign any drawings to be submitted for review. This will ensure that local requirements are met and that drawings are reviewed and approved in a timely fashion.

Is there a minimum amount of time I have to hire you on for?

The quick answer is no. We can be hired on for just a single call or can be put on retainer at a discounted rate for a longer period of time. Our services can be fully catered to meet your specific needs.

Will you need to come visit the distillery or can it all be done remotely?

Our consultants and engineers can be made available to come visit your distillery in person to help with the measuring, layout, and design of your space. We can also make arrangements to travel to your distillery and give you personalized training when it comes to new product and process development. Due to the pandemic, we also understand, at times, in person meetings are not advisable. For this reason, we are available via Zoom or other digital means to meet with you or other committees to help discuss and explain processes, needs of the project, or anything else.