What is a distillery consultant?

At Kindred Spirits, we embody the definition of a consultant provided by Harvard Business School, which describes someone who advises on how to modify, proceed in, or streamline a given process within a specialized field. Our team comprises distillers, engineers, and experts with diverse experience in distillery operations, mechanical system design, building design, and more. The unique advantage of having a consultant who is also an engineer is evident in our streamlined approach to the design process. This integration allows for quick and efficient submission of drawings to local building committees, ensuring that your distillery project progresses smoothly and meets regulatory requirements.

Why should I hire a distillery consultant?

Starting a distillery is an exciting new venture for many, and those with experience in the world of business understand the value of hiring someone with expertise in their field. Our consulting group offers you the opportunity to leverage this experience to whatever extent is necessary for you and your company. Whether you're seeking guidance for specific aspects of your distillery project or comprehensive support from start to finish, our team is here to help you navigate the challenges and maximize the success of your endeavor.

When should I reach out to have you consult with me on my distillery?

There is no "wrong" time to seek advisement, but engaging a consultant early in the planning phase of your distillery project can be particularly advantageous. Doing so can help you avoid costly mistakes such as investing in incorrect equipment, designing an inefficient layout, or setting unrealistic timelines for your business. By harnessing the expertise of a consultant from the outset, you can optimize your resources and set a solid foundation for the success of your distillery venture.

Do you offer any forms of distilling training?

Absolutely, we provide customized hands-on training tailored to both you and your staff, right at your distillery, using your own equipment. Additionally, we offer general or specialized online training sessions via Zoom on any subject you're interested in. Our goal is to ensure that you and your team receive the specific training you need, whether it's in-person or remotely, to excel in the distillery business.

If I hire you, will I still need to hire an engineer/architect?

Given the unique requirements and costs associated with maintaining a professional engineer's or architect's license in specific states, our consultants are not mandated to hold current licenses in every state. Instead, we prioritize local compliance and recommend engaging a local architect or engineer to review and sign off on any drawings to be submitted for review. The location of your distillery and the regulations set forth by your local and state government determine the applicable laws and requirements. Utilizing a local professional ensures that your drawings meet local standards and are promptly reviewed and approved, streamlining the regulatory process.

Is there a minimum amount of time I have to hire you on for?

In short, no. We offer flexible consulting arrangements tailored to your requirements. Whether you need just a single call or prefer to retain our services at a discounted rate for an extended period, we can accommodate your needs. Our services are fully customizable to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Will you need to come visit the distillery or can it all be done remotely?

Our consultants and engineers are ready to visit your distillery in person to assist with measuring, layout, and space design. We can also travel to your distillery to provide personalized training for new product and process development. Additionally, we offer virtual meetings via Zoom or other digital platforms to discuss processes, project needs, or any other relevant topics with you or your committees. Whether in-person or digital, we're here to support you every step of the way.